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Thursday, 8 December 2011

How to Shine through the Party Season

How to Shine through the Party Season

However we celebrate Christmas, it's always a pleasure
to dress up for the occasion and bring some colour and
sparkle into the darker days. Colours and sequins are key

this year so make sure you choose your most fabulous colours
and choose the right sequin pieces for you so that you will
dazzle all through the festive season!

Red: this season's hottest colour

Red is perfect at this time of year as it brings energy and
glamour to your winter wardrobe. A red dress makes a bold
statement so if you like to be understated, it’s not for you. It is,
without a doubt, this season’s favourite colour.

Which shade?
There is a shade of red for every colouring. Darker colourings
can wear deep scarlet, a lighter geranium red works well for
blondes, redheads can wear warm tomato red. Choose cool blue
-reds for grey to white hair tones.

Teal: a flattering shade for everyone

Teal can look particularly striking if it’s in the right shade for you
and in a good fabric. Under the teal family you also have the
beautiful Chinese blues and aquas which are flattering on many
complexions. Wear them as dark or as light as your colouring will allow.

Which shade?
Darker colourings need a deeper shade but should choose satin
or add some sparkle to lift it. It is very flattering on redheads, in
any fabric. Find lighter shades if you are fair or grey/white;
keep the fabric light too.

Purple: opulent and fun

There is something about purple that says luxury. It also projects
confidence and a bit of creativity. Wear it in sumptuous
satin or rich velvet for opulent glamour. This colour also has a shade
for everyone although the deeper tones are a great alternative to
black as they have the same slimming effect.

Which shade?
Deep purple to aubergine for darker colourings, medium shades
for redheads, violet and light periwinkles are best for blondes.
Cool shades from purple to icy violet look fabulous against white/
grey hair. 

Dazzled by the choice? Contact Nicky to find out how she can help you choose the best colours and styles for this party season.

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