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Monday, 16 April 2012

What Makes a Woman Stylish?

Seven rules that the stylish woman lives by:
  1. She regularly edits her wardrobe. Nothing makes it in that doesn’t suit her colouring, body shape and personality. And still only then if she loves it. Why have a wardrobe full of safe boring pieces unless you want to look safe and boring? That’s not to say that the stylish woman doesn’t have basics, because she does, but only those that work for her that she can make look fabulous with those little extra special pieces she has hunted down.
  2. She invests in her basics. Those items that work again and again – buy the best. Spend more on a T-shirt that keeps it shape wash after wash. Choose natural fibres and follow the care instructions. Buy a beautiful handbag that gets better as it ages. One gorgeous cashmere sweater that you wear for years is a better investment than a synthetic one that needs replacing after one season.
  3. She allows herself to splurge on the stand out items that make her wardrobe sing. That fabulous pair of shoes that take a simple dress to stunning. A beautiful scarf that makes her M&S coat look like Maxmara – or maybe it is the Maxmara coat that needs nothing added to mark her out as exceptionally chic. Buy these special items when you see them – you will only regret it later if you don’t. Ask yourself if you will still love the item several years from now and whether it gives an insight to your personality. These are timeless items not passing trends so if your heart skips a beat when you try it on BUY!
  4. She understands the power of accessories. No matter how your weight may fluctuate your accessories will still work for you. They are the finishing touch that portrays your personality. Two women in the same dress can accessorise it completely differently. A few accessories of the season will update your wardrobe without you having to spend a fortune. Choose your accessories to complement your personality and how you are feeling today – this is where you can make your outfit quirky, classic, dramatic or fun. Spend on the timeless or signature pieces so they last a lifetime. A cheaper outfit can be lifted with beautiful shoes and bag, and a statement necklace.
  5. She knows the importance of good fit. It may seem old fashioned but finding someone good at alterations will change your wardrobe’s life. Not only can they take up trousers that are too long, but they can nip seams in to make a dress fit better, take in the waistband of a favourite skirt when you lose weight, shorten sleeves, add trims or new buttons and even make from scratch a copy of an existing item you love. If you can’t do these things yourself find someone who can. Ill fitting clothes always look cheaper, so if you are willing to spend on an item be willing to invest in making it fit perfectly.
  6. She follows the current trends but only incorporates them into her wardrobe if they suit her personality, colouring and body shape. She won’t just buy the latest mustard yellow that’s this season’s colour if her colouring is cool. She won’t wear cropped trousers if she has short legs and a longer body. And she won’t wear frills and lace if she’s a drama queen. What she will do is choose those trends that work for her and incorporate one or two as if they are part of her natural style.
  7. She has learnt how to mix things up unexpectedly, without looking like she’s tried too hard. Animal print with stripes, a piece of vintage jewellery with modern beads. A voluminous top with tight fitting bottoms. Flat shoes where you would expect heels. Sometimes breaking the rules is more stylish than following them.
  8. She knows how to wear colour. She knows which are the stand out colours that make her look fabulous even after a late night. She is clever at putting together unexpected colour combinations and finding the finishing touches, like a scarf in one of the colours in a patterned dress. You would never open her wardrobe and say “where’s the colour?” more likely “where’s the black”!

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