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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Revise, Revitalise & Accessorise: the New Year Wardrobe Update

We all reinvent ourselves in various ways throughout life and a new year inspires us to 'renew' ourselves. It might be changing a small part of our weekly routine, getting more exercise, trying something new or giving our home or personal look a bit of an update.

One of the easiest new year pick-me-ups is a little style revamp but where do you start? The best place to begin is your wardrobe; so, before you go out and make the most of the high street discounts, assess the old before you start buying the new.

The Wardrobe Assessment

When assessing your wardrobe, don't just flick through the hangers, take everything out and hang it around the room, lay it out on the bed and move things about. Sometimes it takes seeing garments in a different light, literally, to see how you can give them an update. Whilst it is wise to hang on to some really good pieces, don't keep things just because they are good if they don't suit you. Someone else will make better use of them.

If you need help, book a style or colour consultation to understand what styles and colours suit you and what you should clear out from your wardrobe, as they aren't your style or colour!
Check back soon for hints and tips on colours and styles for 2012 and how to use accessories to update your wardrobe...

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