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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Keepers for 2012: Shapes, Styles, Patterns and Colour

Shapes and Styles

Midi and maxi skirt lengths are sticking around as are feminine fabrics such as chiffon and silks. There is still a vintage 40's/50's influence with looks that hail the female shape such as full skirts and curve-flattering shift dresses. Fortunately, dresses are everywhere so pull out all your dresses and work them with different separates, colours and accessories to make them feel renewed.


Unusual graphics, banding and bold floral patterns appear with a new twist. To give your patterns a current look you can mix them up a little. Unless you're a real creative or fashion forward personality, go with just as much as you feel comfortable with; it should suit your personality and overall look. Texture is almost as popular as pattern with embellishments and overlays such as lace, devore, metals and sequins so if you don't have any, make that a new little buy.


Whatever you do in 2012, if you don't have any red then make sure you invest in your best red shades, it's the colour of the year. Unfortunately, reds can be tricky to wear; blue based reds suit some, whilst orange based reds look better on other people. If you aren't sure on the best reds for you, it is well worth having a colour consultation.

Fortunately, colour is still a big story for 2012, so you can keep all your great colours and try wearing them in different ways. Key shades for next season (apart from reds) are greens, oranges and blues. Mix your red shades together (or green shades or blue shades..), wear an entire block of colour or wear a more subtle shade or a neutral (e.g. grey, cream, camel) shade with a stronger colour. For help with Colour Blocking, check out my previous post on colour blocking for your colour type.

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