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Friday, 6 January 2012

Accessories - the easiest way to update

Accessories need an update too and they are a great way to revamp your look with little outlay. You've seen previous articles about one dress with several different looks, the accessories are key here.

The neck has become the focus for accessories with the scarf being a must-have in recent seasons. The most current neck detail is the collar. You can buy a top with a pretty collar or find a collar accessory to give your neat jerseys or cardigans a new look. If you're crafty and creative you can design your own.
Not everyone suits detail around the neck or d├ęcolletage so if this look isn't for you then make your new accessory a handbag. Find a great new shape or colour that works for your style. You won't go wrong with a day clutch bag to look utterly on-trend!

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