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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Does Your Wardrobe Work for you?

As women we inevitably have several “roles” in our lives. Having a workable wardrobe for all the different heads you wear isn’t easy and can put us into a flat spin when we get invited to a wedding or black tie event, or have an important presentation at work. Add to that those purchases you made in the sale or to cheer yourself up and your wardrobe starts to bulge but when the occasion comes you still don’t have the perfect outfit.

I am a great believer in having a wardrobe full of clothes you love that make you feel fabulous, so wouldn’t suggest that you fill it with basics and never have any fun. However, you still can make your wardrobe work for a variety of occasions as well as having pieces you cherish. It’s all about clever accessorising and not saving items for “best”. For a start best may never come and an expensive piece will sit in your wardrobe unworn, and secondly I believe we deserve our best every day.

As an example of how a versatile wardrobe can work, a week in my life might include:

  • Majority of work time spent at my home office
  • Coffee catch up with an existing client
  • Visit to a new client
  • Shopping trip with a friend
  • School run, household errands and chores
  • Dinner at a friends
I don’t need traditional Office Wear however, I do need to look professional when meeting new clients. When I am working at home my key requirements are warmth and comfort. Since having my own business and not being in an office everyday my wardrobe has gradually relaxed, but because of my personal style preferences I still like to feel that should someone turn up on the doorstep I wouldn’t be embarrassed to open the door.

These key capsule wardrobe pieces work for me all the time:

  • A great pair of smart jeans (I don’t do scruffy, it doesn’t suit my style. Dress down with a T and flats or up with heels and a necklace)
  • Black jersey trousers or leggings (good quality that won’t bag at the knees or bottom)
  • Long cardigan (a neutral and a bright or fun colour)
  • Loose tunic tops/dresses (great for layering under cardigans, over jeans and leggings and T-shirts, or worn alone with tights and boots, heels or flats)
  • Breton stripe T-shirt (a staple all year round layering piece and more interesting than a plain T)
  • Flat Pumps (comfort for running around, but in a metallic great to dress up for evening, summer or winter)
  • A pair of heels (for dressing up jeans and tunic tops/dresses)
  • Smart Tote (in a neutral that goes with everything, big enough to carry my ipad for business)
  • Every day Tote (again a metallic is great summer and winter and goes with everything)
  • Scarves & necklaces (my finishing touch – one or the other, adds colour near the face and draws the eye up)

Fourteen pieces make numerous outfits and by adding a few more tops/tunics, another cardigan or jacket, a scarf in a print, the possibilities become endless.

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