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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

How to Look Stylish – 10 Tips

Having worked with women of all different shapes and sizes as well as having a figure that has changed over the years, I have come up with my top ten tips of what works and what doesn’t – for me anyway, and hopefully you will find some useful ones too. I’d love to know if you agree or have some of your own. Also if you disagree I’d love to know what works for you and why.
  1. Emphasise the bits you like – got great legs? Wear a patterned pair of tights, fab shoes or a shorter skirt. If you have a neat waist wear a belt. Love your curves? show them off in bias cuts. Tiny wrists and elegant hands? add thin bangles or bracelets and paint your nails. We should all have one bit of ourselves to love, what’s yours.
  2. Everyone looks better with a little makeup. Cheek colour, defined lips and a little mascara if you are makeup shy, only the very young can get away with a bare face. However, the other extreme is being overdone – we’ve all been to a makeup counter and come away thinking “well she is obviously trying all the new products out at once!” Treat yourself to a makeup lesson to find your best look.
  3. Splurge on accessories. You can get away with a cheap jacket paired with a beautiful scarf. Leather shoes and bags last longer too, so are a better cost per wear.
  4. Have a signature that defines your style – red lips, unusual costume jewellery, scarves, a favourite colour, your hair style. Have something that makes you stand out and tells people a little about you. Work out your style words and buy items that fit your personal profile. Are you chic, elegant, wacky, edgy, romantic, feminine, minimalist? I believe your clothes should reflect your personality. have some fun choosing your words and building a wardrobe to go with them.
  5. Wear a great colour for you next to your face - if you aren''t sure what suits you book a colour consultation - sometimes we just want to wear black even if it doesn’t suit us – so make it work with a colour that does.
  6. Wear things you love and that are comfortable. You won’t look relaxed or confident if you are constantly pulling your skirt down because you think you are revealing too much, or if you can’t walk in your shoes. Buy things you love and wear them – don’t save for best. Nothing is sadder than a wardrobe full of beautiful things that never get worn. Besides some things look even better when they get a little worn for example a slouchy leather bag becomes softer with use.
  7. The older you get the more grooming matters. It doesn’t take much effort to have shiny hair, manicured nails and looked after skin. You don’t need to spend a fortune, give yourself a couple of hours of home pampering doing a facial, manicure, pedicure and brows. Whilst you are doing that slather a conditioning treatment on your hair. Add a girls night in DVD and a glass of something chilled.
  8. Clothes must fit. It doesn’t matter what the size on the label says just pick the best fit and cut out the label. If any alterations are needed and you can’t do them yourself get them done professionally. Don’t spoil the look of a beautiful outfit with poor fit. Too big can be as unflattering as too small.
  9. Don’t get stuck in a time warp. Keep ideas fresh, buy something from the new season that works in your existing wardrobe for example this season it could be a leopard print belt, a bright coloured bag, or a top in an ice-cream colour.
  10. Your clothes should make you happy – if they don’t why are you wearing them? Isn’t life to short not too feel good when you walk out of the door? I think we are sometimes scared of dressing our best in case people think “who does she think she is?” Well you are you and who says you shouldn’t look and feel fabulous every day!
“Buy less, choose well, and mix it all.” Vivienne Westwood

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