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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

How to express your personality through your clothes

One of the easiest ways to inject personality is with colour.  Use high contrast to project authority, for example to meet your bank manager wear a dark jacket or suit and a light top, and make sure everything is crisp and immaculate. But also ensure that your outfit shows who you are by injecting a colour that you love – maybe with your top or shoes. On the days you want to “win friends and influence” go for softer or lighter colours, bringing in colours you love which make you feel relaxed. Beiges, creams, and soft grey or light navy work well.

Accessories are the perfect tools for showing who you are. You don’t need the latest It Bag to make a statement, unless you want that statement to be that you are a sheep with no imagination of your own!  A vintage watch, bold piece of costume jewellery or beautiful silk scarf says so much more about you. I like to have a signature piece, a scarf or necklace, firstly because I love scarves but secondly because they draw the eye up to the face helping to make eye contact and establish rapport.

Build yourself a capsule wardrobe that works for all eventualities. Spend more on the pieces you wear often and the accessories that will lift an inexpensive suit or dress.

Thinking about what you wear isn’t superficial, it helps to express who you are and building a workable wardrobe should be fun. Look your best for you and let people get a glimpse of who you really are rather than them making uninformed opinions. Confidence comes from knowing who you are and not being afraid to express yourself.

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